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Pop Convert

Popups, Banners, Smart Bars More. Get leads to improve salesby CartKit

About the app
Review number of customers: Reveal how many people visited your site during a projected time period, and how many of those people became customers.
Drive traffic where it's needed: Whether it wants to browse at home, or be transferred to another place, you'll always have a spot to direct the visitor.
Announcement: Finally implement a faster, more quickly and distinctive communication plan - your marketing. On the web, this may include announcing special sales and product discounts, releasing innovative new products, what is happening and what is coming in the future.
This app is a complete package of all the things that you might need to make your eCommerce store successful. It will help you to increase your subscriber base, drive traffic to your site, improve communication with your customers, and more. The app is quite simple to use and has a clean interface.

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